Sunday, December 20, 2009

Make-a-Memory #20

"Gumdrop Ornaments" Okay, originally, these were to be gumdrop trees. However, I determined I would need to spend about $10 on styrofoam trees for each to have a small tree. That didn't seem like a very frugal or doable craft for me. I got a small bag of styrofoam balls instead, which with my 40% off coupon came to around $2.60. That was much better. We used those balls, broken in half toothpicks, and gumdrops. These got heavy very fast and did not hang well on my (real) Christmas tree--way too much weight. In hindsight, I'm thinking a better idea would have been to have gotten one medium sized styrofoam tree shape that we would have all worked on together. Emmett needed a lot of help, and even Isabella got burnt out trying to cover her ball up.
And one more sweet little picture, Emmett has begun to really draw "things"--
They're spiders, and I just find them adorable. Sometimes he adds wavy lines around them to be webs. And sometimes I discover Jackson, his sensibilities offended, adding noses to Emmett's artwork since Emmett did not see fit to do it himself. ;o) But every now and then he DOES remember a belly button--gotta get the important stuff in! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE when my kids start to use their imaginations and draw without direction, I really get to see their little minds at work.

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Anna said...

The gumdrop ornaments are so pretty! And delicious-looking. :) And I LOVE Emmetts spiders, how adorable!