Saturday, December 19, 2009

Make-a-Memory #19

"Christmas lights tour in pajamas"With a bowl full of popcorn balls and freshly bathed and jammied children we drove around our "neighboring" neighborhoods oohing and ahhing over the lights we found, and admired some snowmen too. ;o) Our favorites were a house nearby that did it's own radio station and computerized the lights to go with it (Josh's dream some day) and a house that had these huge cylinder type lights hanging in trees that looked like melting icicles--I've never seen them before. Emmett was especially sad when we pulled into the garage and thought if he didn't make eye contact he could remain in his seat and drive around some more. (It didn't work). Truly a fun night for us that didn't require too much effort.

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Anna said...

I LOVE this idea, what a fun thing for the kiddos! I've heard about some of those radio station places, I think there's one East of town too...been wanting to check those out. Thanks for sharing, looks like a fun time. :)