Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Make-a-Memory #16

"Make an Orange Pomander"
Directions found here. (Although we opted not to hang them up) Marissa's--Started out to be a star, but after lamenting her lack of star-drawing capabilities we changed it to swirls, crisis averted.
Isabella's--lots of close together stripes that would have gone all the way around had we not run out of cloves.
Jackson's--began as a happy face, then he pulled everything out to make it look like the polka dots that I was doing, then he pulled all that out and made a snowman, with of course a carrot nose.
Emmett's--began as a face like Jackson's, but he got a bit sidetracked when he realized how much fun it was to stick poky objects into oranges. So his has a few cloves and a few REALLY BIG holes caused by pencil stabbings. (How wise it was to introduce my boys to the joys of poking holes in fruit . . . . I'll keep you updated.) ;o)
And oh, the house smells soooo good--cloves and citrus--yummy!

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Anna said...

Ooh I bet it DOES smell good! Love all of their pictures with their aromatic piece of art. Cute idea!