Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Make-a-Memory #15

"Gingerbread Day"
I actually had plans for today to be a bit more magnificent than it ended up being. In the end we made gingerbread play-dough--which basically you just take your favorite play-dough recipe and add spices to it it, cinnamon, ginger, allspice, nutmeg, or whatever. The spices give it more of a brown color and make it smell good. And then we all love Jan Brett's gingerbread stories. I had hoped to make some real cookies today, either ginger-snaps or gingerbread men, but didn't get around to either.
Another idea I want to share is doing a felt gingerbread display. (We actually did this a few weeks ago). I cut out some gingerbread men from felt and glued on mini rick-rack as a frosting design. Jackson then picked out all the colors he wanted the features and assembled them on a piece of hard felt I had pinned to the wall. The girls also enjoyed this activity, treating it more like paper dolls, digging into the felt container to design all sorts of clothes for the men. In the end it really was a multi-age activity.


Unknown said...

What a cute idea for the felt gingerpeople. I LOVE Jan Brett books!!!!!

Anna said...

Cute idea! Love the felt display..I must get into the world of felt crafting...I bet all your kids love that.