Monday, December 14, 2009

Make-a-Memory #14

"Snowman Snowglobes"Materials used:
Large size baby food jars
Mini snowman ornaments with hangers removed (plastic so they could withstand being submerged in water)
Florist clay
Bottled Water

The real directions recommend using hot glue to seal the lid (another place said to use aquarium glue). I didn't do this, nor did I attempt to glue the lid with anything else. It was a fun and cute little project, but not something I see "going the distance" in our house. ;o) Our glitter floats, so we just kind of shake them up and cause a blizzard and then wait for another "snow cloud" to form. Jackson found it the most exciting, "I see something red in there!!!" was a statement uttered over and over again.


Anna said...

Oh my goodness this is SO COOL!! I had to look at the close up picture, these are so fun!! I'm very impressed..and tempted to try to pull something like this off myself someday. tfs!

Kris said...

I HAVE to show this one to Caroline...I know she'll want to do it (and most all of the other memories you're doing, Janna!)

THANKS for sharing all your projects this month!