Thursday, December 10, 2009

Make-a-Memory #10

"Paper Chains" Jackson and Mommy worked together.
Emmett and a "baby chain"--this Mommy made for him after he took a glue stick and a stack of paper and stuck them together one on top of the other, and then found a stray gray crayon and doodled a few lines. ;o) Then he realized his didn't look like everyone else's, and well, that just wouldn't do.
The girls collaborated efforts to make a super long chain that they ended up hanging across their room. However, it was Jackson's clever idea for his room that made all of us smile: And now you're smiling too. ;o)

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Anna said...

..giggling over the smiley face--what a creative guy. :) Looks like a great activity for the kiddos! Love seeing all your ideas.