Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Make-a-Memory #1

Today we made "Sparkly Pine Cone Ornaments"
Materials Needed:
Pine cones
Acrylic paint
Glitter There are no pictures of the actual painting process because I had them strip down to their "skivvies" to do this. It was a very wise decision. ;o) I shouldn't have been--and yet still was-- surprised at the intensity with which Jackson painted. He covered his pine cones REALLY good. And himself.
We let them dry and then wrapped a wire ornament hanger around one end.
And then hung them in our tree.
Stay tuned for tomorrow . . . ;o)


Unknown said...

Cute idea.....and my little men paint in their fruit of the looms too. :) LOVE your tree!!!!

Mike and Kirsten said...

Did we do this in country school? I feel like I have a sparkly pine cone somewhere. :)
As far as Mike's job, he didn't get it. :( But he's ok with that and so am I...we love it here too. BUT he's already applied for another one. ;)

Amy said...

Oh my gosh, I LOVE your tree!!! So cute and primitive! And making your own ornaments?! Seriously awesome!!! When I have a bigger house...I'm TOTALLY going to have a primitive tree. Right now, I just don't have any more room. HA!!!