Friday, August 21, 2009

Weekend Plans . . .

I'm stopping right now, in the midst of preparations for Jackson's birthday party tonight, because my feet hurt. Like they were nine-month pregnant feet instead of a mere five. I should have put on some good shoes today. I remembered this afternoon, after they were hurting, but by then it was too late.

I have made a "Magic Schoolbus Cake" at Jackson's request. It is not my most outstanding culinary achievement. Marissa had checked out this book from the library about how to construct all of these fun little cakes, just in time for Jackson's birthday. He loved the schoolbus cake. So, I am obliging. It's kind of my tradition to make good old-fashioned from scratch cakes for birthdays, hopefully ones that will be tasty. Confession #1--I used a box mix today. Confession #2--it is really hard to frost a cake that has been cut and stacked to resemble a schoolbus (think crumbs, lots and lots of crumbs). Consequently, my yellow schoolbus looks like it has been doing a whole lot of off-roading (should have used a yellow cake mix, not chocolate!). Oh, well, It's the thought that counts, and the fact I have delighted my almost four-year old boy. He's had some pretty high expectations for this birthday. I wish I would have kept a list of everything he requested "for my birthday" over the last YEAR. I'm sure it would be hilarious.

Tomorrow should be quiet. But Sunday should do me in. ;o) First, it will "officially" be Jackson's birthday, there is church, a possible lunch at Val's, going to see "Julie and Julia" with my mom and sister, a 5:00 Girls of Grace meeting, and wrapping all that up with evening church. Definitely a full day. Thankfully, it looks like there will be a whole lot of sitting involved, and I think my feet should be okay. ;o)


Unknown said...

Oh, your poor feet! Any chance of being able to soak 'em tonight or maybe talking a certain hubby into a foot rub??!! :)

Totally relate to the frustration of frosting a crumby cake! When Luke as 3 he was fascinated with garbage trucks so guess what kind of birthday cake he had!! NOT my best bday cake ever but it thrilled him to no end and that's what counts in the end!

Lisa said...

Hope your feet are feeling better in no time! I too have had my share of "crumby" cakes, lesson I learned from a girlfriend, freeze the cake before frosting it. It turns out super moist and you get far less crumbs....And hey I made a banana cupcake cake for Keegan this year, only he knew what it was, but oh was he happy!

Kris said...

Janna, I had the same predicament trying to frost the "Indiana Jones stone" on Xan's cake last year...thankfully it was a stone, so it would naturally be, well...rugged. ;)