Sunday, August 30, 2009

Planning More Intentional Mornings

We're gotten three weeks accomplished in our new school year and it is going well. My afternoons have a nice rhythm to them, so now I'm determined to tackle our mornings (which tend to run the gamut of fairly productive to not productive at all). First stop is a breakfast schedule. I had one going up until sometime last spring, and then just stopped using it, so back we go to each day having it's own food: cereal on Sunday's, English muffins on Monday, etc. I'm looking forward to seeing how Thursday goes, it's "Oatmeal Bar" day. I have two oatmeal eaters, and two un-oatmeal eaters. I'm hoping if they are provided with a selection of things to sprinkle on, coconut, walnuts/pecans, raisins, etc. it will be more palatable to them. I have a little September calendar I printed off and filled in with everything we'll be having and I have it taped to the refrigerator. I'm certain Marissa will keep me accountable. She's good about that (and it's a very good argument in support of ILliteracy). ;o)

Next, full of inspiration from others who have implemented a "circle time" into their mornings or a "morning basket" I'm going to attempt something of the same. What I hope to accomplish:
Morning Bible Reading from The Day-by-Day Kids' Bible
Joy Journals for the girls and me (an exercise in counting blessings AND finding something to be thankful for in each family member, particularly little brothers) ;o)
Current Hymn we are learning
Seasonal Poem
Calendar/Meeting Books & Sheets for the girls (part of Saxon math)

From this point we'll begin our day. I'm going to start a "letter of the week" with the boys, nothing too intensive, but stuff geared more to their ages since sometimes I get too wrapped up in the big kid stuff. It's a blessing to have them napping while the girls work on school, but in the end they have been getting left out of any structured learning time. Hopefully, I can get this situation remedied. I've planned my work . . . now to work my plan. ;o)

Our Hymn/Poetry line-up for the fall:
Aug. 30- Sept. 12—Great is Thy Faithfulness
“September” Helen Hunt Jackson
Sept.13-Sept.26— All Creatures of Our God and King
“Autumn Fires” Robert Louis Stevenson
Sept.27-Oct. 10—For the Beauty of the Earth
“October’s Bright Blue Weather” Helen Hunt Jackson
Oct. 11-Oct.24—Bringing in the Sheaves
“The Squirrel” Anonymous

Oct.25-Nov.7—Come Ye Thankful People Come
“Down to Sleep” Helen Hunt Jackson
Nov. 8-Nov 21—We Gather Together
“God is the Maker of the World” Ralph Waldo Emerson
Nov. 22-Nov. 30—Let all Things now Living
“Thanksgiving Day” Lydia Maria Child


Anna said...

Janna, I am truly inspired and encouraged to do more of this during our days at home...the Day by Day kids Bible looks AWESOME, thanks for sharing all this!

Unknown said...

Wonderfully inspiring!