Monday, August 31, 2009

Inspiration for my Boy Room

Pardon the blurry photo--I'm not skilled at snapping shots of scrapbook paper--but Saturday night (as in laying in bed but not asleep) I was suddenly struck with a theme for the nursery/boys' room. Yes, all three boys will share a room . . . (But if I'm being honest, most of the sleeping #5 will do will occur in either my room in the co-sleeper or in the swing or in a sling or wrap of some sort. His crib, however, will be in with his older brothers. No, not my ideal, but we'll make it work.) Anyway, back to the photo of the paper: In case you can't tell what all is in there you will find trees with toadstools, deer, leaves, and OWLS. I've had some serious owl decor love lately. (I have no idea why). But we're about 99% sure we're going to name him Owen, and well, an owl theme seemed perfect--ya know OWen and OWl. Makes sense right? ;o) And even though Jackson and Emmett are still living up the whole ocean animal thing, I think I can sell them on woodland creatures like cute little squirrels and hedgehogs. I like the colors in the paper too, greens, browns, dark rusty orange . . . I'm not sure yet what I'll do for bedding. I may make some quilts--SIMPLE quilts (need to rummage up a bunk bed first) or I may go the easy way and start with something solid and embellish from there. It seems like the perfect kind of nesting project to keep busy with this fall. I've been perusing Etsy for owl ideas, and there are a ton. Like this and this and this (well, mainly the hedgehog and owl feltie on that one). My mind is brimming with ideas for wall art, soft wool felt creatures, mobiles, etc. This should be a lot of fun! If I had a girl I had wanted to do some sort of pink/green birdies on branches thing. (I really like nature stuff) I was a bit bummed to not be able to use that idea. Now, I've got a way to still do it, so I am pumped. Okay. Enough gushing. ;o)


Tiff said...

Super cute idea, Janna! I love the owls because it's something different! Keep us updated on your progress!

Mom said...

Well I'm back offering the owl pellet for dissection!!! I do like the scrapbook paper that inspired you. Have fun.

Unknown said...

What a darling theme! I have noticed so many owl things lately and I'm sure you will find some wonderful ideas. I really like the Etsy ideas you shared and I could totally see you making those little treasures!!

Anna said...

LOVE your theme! Owls are so perfect, and those links you had look AWESOME, it's so fitting for you to have adorable little felt animals for your babe on the way. :) Love it! Can't wait to see how this project comes along.

p.s. you're so busy are you getting ANY sleep at all? :)