Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Blog has a Birthday . . .

Today my blog celebrates one year with 155 posts to its credit. Perhaps a silly thing to take note of, but this whole blogging thing has been incredibly fun for me. Why?

--I've never been a big phone person, I just really don't enjoy talking on the phone. I would much rather write you a letter or talk to you in person. Now, I can have conversations with whoever is "listening" on my blog. ;o) I feel connected to others again.

--I'm writing again, nothing astounding or profound, but at least I'm writing. I used to write all the time (as a kid, a high school student). I didn't realize how much I missed it until I started doing it again. And I think, knowing I have some sort of audience inspires me to try a bit harder to string some cohesive words together. ;o)

--I'm documenting the things my kids do with much more regularity. I fell behind on scrapbooks around Jackson's babyhood and have never caught up since. Now I have something to refer to whenever I go back and try to get those scrapbooks caught up. I have discovered that a memory begins to blur numerous kids together after awhile . . . Writing things down is crucial.

--Blogging has helped fill the void left by a husband who must be gone a lot. In the past this has been a struggle for me, and left me lonely--you know, bursting with things to say, but no one to say them too? Well, now I can "talk" all I want, and find myself delighted when I discover a comment. I think it's that whole "connection" thing again.

And I have enjoyed reading the blogs of others. I have been so inspired by so many different people, in my spiritual walk, in ideas for homeschooling, in ideas for life management, through the projects and crafts people do. There are amazing women out there, just doing their own "little thing" in their own corner of the world. It encourages me to no end to see how others approach life.

I called my blog "A Steadfast Life" based on a sermon my pastor gave awhile back where he defined being steadfast as the ability to live a life under pressure. This has been my goal, that no matter what comes my way I would live my life well, and with no excuses. I want to be the person that remains resolute and stands firm in her convictions regardless of what's happening around her. I realize this is a life-long refinement process, but hopefully, one day at a time I can choose to make the right decisions that will result in a life lived steadfastly.

Thank YOU for following along and being an encouragement to me. Have a beautiful weekend!


Mike and Kirsten said...

Congratulations on 1 year!! I also am not a fan of talking on the phone. I also get that lonely factor since I work from home and Mike works some crazy hours sometimes so blogging is a great way to talk to all my "listeners." :) Definitely a great way to feel happy I'm able to keep updated on the Cooley family even though I'm 20 hours away. Have a great weekend Janna!

Unknown said...

I'm so glad you started your blog!!! I am also a very big 'non-phone person' so let me say that I have enjoyed SO MUCH 'listening' to you and being blessed by the way you write and share so honestly--and humorously--the happenings of your steadfast life! It's fun to have a little connection with you as I pass you in the halls at church. It seemswe're usually in the busyness of rounding up kids and not able to stop and talk much then but I feel like I kind of know what you're up to.....and I like it! :)

Blessings to you, friend! It's been a great year of getting to know you!

Anna said...

I'm very glad too you started your blog, yours is a HUGE encouragement to me. Love your steadfast life theme, thanks for sharing! ..and congrats on 1 year in blog-world. :)

Kris said...

You have a beautiful thing going here, Janna. I'm always blessed by stopping by your little corner. :)