Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Back to School . . . for Josh

Yesterday, we sent Daddy off in pursuit of his master's degree, hopefully which will end with him teaching secondary science in the fall of 2011. He's taken a few classes already this year, but this is his first full-time semester, back at the university. He's taking a bunch of classes that sound really interesting, like Chemistry 110, Biology 101, Microbiology, Natural Resource Science, and Psychology of Adolescence. (Okay, I was being a bit sarcastic . . . there are a few that I could tolerate taking, although the majority I hope to find myself never a part of.) ;o) When it's all said and done he has a total of 20 hours to get accomplished--plus getting in the hours at work, which thankfully will fit in around all the classes. Unfortunately, that means we will kind of be "ships passing in the night." We've been dealing with an unconventional schedule for awhile now, so it's nothing completely new. Still, I'm facing the next few months with a bit of trepidation. It's going to be kind of crazy, and I'm going to just keep getting bigger and slower. His finals fall the week before our little one is due. I'm sure we will all be looking forward to the joys December will bring. Four months to go . . . And yes, I am counting. ;o)


Anna said...

Wow this is so exciting! I'll pray for a good semester for all of you..sure will be busy, but think of all those hours he's knocking out...very cool to be a science teacher, I loved those subjects.

Kris said...

I realize I have lots to catch up on in your blog...and definitely want to be praying for you in this phase. I also know these challenges all to well of having my guy hitting the books to finish a degree (let's see-how many degrees/exams/etc. has he had running now?!) and having a very busy household to maintain and keep running smooth all the while. God never gives us more than we can handle and I know He'll provide you with just enough strength to pull through even the "biggest, slowest" days triumphantly! I'm thinking Josh will be more than able to do some super cool science experiments in these coming months w/ your home learners!! VERY COOL! :)