Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Here are a few of the projects we did this month in celebration of Thanksgiving :

The classic "hand and foot" turkeys--You trace the child's feet on brown paper and overlap to form a body, and then trace a whole bunch of hands on different colors of paper to become the feathers. Then I cut out some other "turkey body parts" for the girls to adhere as they saw fit. We also did another classic "the hand turkey" where you just trace a hand--the thumb becomes the turkey's head, the remaining fingers are the feathers. Jackson especially enjoyed this and colored his intensely orange.

Our second year of doing a "thankful tree"--the kids really enjoy picking a leaf each night at supper, having Mommy write down what they're thankful for, and then picking the *perfect* spot on the tree for it. (You see, Marissa is kind of adament about making sure two of the same color aren't touching . . .) How fun it was to read through each leaf again last night and remember all the little ways that God has blessed us this past month.
We've been reading our Thanksgiving stories too. At this point I only own three, but I am thinking this might be a good collection to add to every year also (in the same way we add to our Christmas collection).
For the big meal we are heading off to Josh's brother's house adding our four children to their six. It should be crazy! ;o) But we are looking forward to a tasy meal, and then later this afternoon Grandpa Cooley gets out of the hospital to go home and recover from his knee replacement. We'll bring him some pumpkin pie.

Emmett the Artiste'

When Marissa was my one and only I remember making the bold-faced statement (well, actually I remember making many bold-faced statements that have come back to bite me), "I don't see how parents end up with kids writing on the walls--it's not that hard to put --insert writing utensil of choice-- away when you are done." And this is true. For the most part we parents, aside from the occasional slip-up, remember to put our stuff away, particularly the stuff we don't want our kids to get ahold of. It's those other little people sharing our homes that keep forgetting. An overlooked crayon, pencil, marker, here or there becomes an instrument of mass destruction when it gets in the hands of the wrong (or is it right?) person. Enter Emmett . . .

And honestly, that is only a very, very small sampling of the artwork around my home right now. I have a whole length of a wall done in pencil. The girls' room has two large drawings done in different colors of crayons. The kitchen/dining room area is full of various crayon and pencil drawings. We are kind of an "artsy" household. I don't want to strip my kids of all writing utensils until we are more attentive about cleaning up. But truly Emmett is just waiting in the shadows for that crayon to get knocked to the floor. None of my kids ever had this problem. (Well, I did struggle briefly with Jackson. But he limited his artwork to one area right next to the table--not all over the house.) So what's on my to-do list this winter? Repainting a lot of wall space three feet high and down!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Some Bathroom Humor

These are actual things I have said in the last week or so to these children of mine. Things you never ever imagine will come out of your mouth. Things like . . .

"Emmett, don't touch Jackson's pee-pee!"

"Get your head out of the toilet!!"

"No, no Emmett, we don't drink water from the potty!"

"Get out of the bath so I can scoop the poop out." (I did drain the tub and refill it for anyone wondering)

And some things that you never expect to hear . . .

"Mommy, you wipe Jackson?" And then as he bends over waiting announces, "I'm a buffalo!"

"A snake!" also said by Jackson, gesturing towards what he managed to, um, "deposit" in the toilet, to put it delicately.

Oh, and let's not forget the things you never expect to see . . .

Scenario: I am just beginning to fill the bathtub for the boys, I turn around to do something, and then turn back towards Jackson and Emmett, only to discover that Emmett is PEEING on Jackson and Jackson is GIGGLING! Boys.

Yep, there are some things about motherhood they just don't tell you.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fall Corners in My Home

So I thought I would share a little bit of some of my favorite spots in my home right now. We're currently renting a townhome, and while we are allowed to paint, that's just not a road I want to head down while we are here. Whatever we would paint would have to be returned to the original color (off-white) before we moved on. That just seems like too much extra work. But I am someone who loves deep, rich colors on the walls. I am missing that. But I am determined to bring as much color as I can in with my accessories. So here's what I rummaged up out of my storage totes . . .

A primitive styled valance I made for the kitchen--I'm hoping to make some more for the dining room area.
Something new this year, a bulletin board. For now it is just housing my calendar, but I'm hoping to use this as the resting place for art projects, invitations, and paper miscellany--instead of the fridge.

These are some shutters I found at a garage sale awhile back. I hinged them together to make a free-standing screen and then spraypainted them. I like to decorate it seasonally. For fall it has some grapevine garland and and orange berry vine wired to the top.
Well, this I didn't rummage, the candle was a birthday gift and the mat is a "work-in-progress" that still needs some embroidering.
Some ceramic pumpkins and faux bittersweet vine on the kitchen counter
A tumble of grapevine and leaf garlands, mixed in with some clay pots and a bee skep on top of my cabinets.
So, that is just a brief picture tour of some of the spots I am loving right now. But already my mind is a-turning and making plans to dismantle and set up for Christmas/winter. I am so thankful for seasons changes--how boring life would be if everything was the same day after day after day!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Random Life

I got Isabella all set up (finally!!!) for speech today. We'll be meeting once a week on Thursday's at 2 pm. I am a bit concerned as this time falls in the middle of the boys' nap, but perhaps I can lay them down early on that day. She has improved so much over the last year, and hopefully by the end of this school year she will no longer be in need of extra coaching. And then, I have a feeling, we will begin the process all over again with Jackson. We'll see.

Isabella got to join a church friend and her grandma at the indoor playground here in Lincoln today. She came home gushing. ;o) And in the meantime Marissa and I had some time to ourselves. In a household of four active children one-on-one time with Mommy doesn't happen quite so often. So we drank some chai, she painted a Christmas picture on some wood, and then worked on a little sewing project. And we finished up with perusing the internet together for more crafty ideas of things we can make for Christmas. Good times. I'm constantly aware of how fast the time is flying. Sweet Marissa, already seven--can puberty really be only three years away?!? That is oh so scary. ;o)

We rounded out the day with spaghetti for supper, followed (of course!) by baths. Friday nights tend to be spaghetti night around here. And Josh is home tonight after a long work week, which is always special for each one of us.

Life is good.