Monday, September 22, 2008

A meme for the first day of fall

When does fall begin for you?
My thoughts begin turning "fallish" around the first of August, when all of the back-to-school supplies are out. And as soon as the mornings cool off--which they did in August this year I am really thinking fall. But "officially" when we hit September I am in full fall mode.
What is your favorite aspect of fall?
EVERYTHING!!! I have a severe obsession with pumpkins, orange, white, and my new favorite "jarrahdale" which is a beautiful blueish green. Red leaves. Bittersweet. "Autumn Joy" sedum. Goldenrod. Milkweed sending out its fluff. All fall nature I guess!
What is your favorite fall memory?
Cross country practices in high school--I love running when the weather is pleasant. And probably almost 29 years of celebrating my birthday on October 19th.
What do you like to drink in the fall?
Apple cider and chai
What's your favorite fall food?
Things made out of apples (like my chunky apple cake with warm butter sauce, apple cider donuts), or out of pumpkins (like pumpkin bars with brown butter frosting)
What is fall weather like where you live?
Crisp and clear sometimes windy sometimes perfect, and sometimes *ahem* snowy, but hopefully not for awhile!
What color is fall?
Warm, homey, earthy, nature colors, terra cottas, rusts, sages, crimson, yellows, and some purple
What does fall smell like? whatever tasty fall treat is in the oven--usually involving cinnamon
Holiday shopping in fall: yes or no? yes, although probably only online
If you could go anywhere in the fall, where would you go? I have always wanted to see New England in the fall
What is your favorite fall sport?
Cross country
Do you have a favorite fall chore?
If you consider pulling out the fall decorations a chore, than that would me mine
What is your least favorite thing about fall?
The long cold months that follow it . . .
What is your favorite fall holiday?
What's your favorite kind of pie? ALL of them ;o)
Which do you prefer, the Farm or the Fair?
Do you have a favorite fall book?
Fall always seems a good time to pull out some of the "Little House on the Prairie" books
How about a favorite fall poem?
None that I can think of . . .

Thanks to Dawn over at "By Sun and Candlelight" for this meme

Thursday, September 18, 2008

An update on my plans . . .

Uh, yah, so the morning went off pretty much without a hitch, until the idyllic picnic.
Problem #1 Marissa decided to not wear any shoes, for some reason beyond me; #2 Apparently all the kids have no interest in egg salad sandwiches (thank goodness for doritos and juice boxes; and #3 I LOST MY CELL PHONE!!!! That would be the only-phone-I-have-and-my-only-communication-with-the-world cell phone. AHHHHHH! Somewhere in the midst of tall going-to-seed prairie grasses sits my phone. I attempted to retrace our steps, but really, we covered a lot of ground today. It's gone. I am so irritated with myself. Why didn't I leave it in the van? Why did I need a phone on a nature walk anyway? And really, why did I even attempt a picnic with 4 kids? I should have stayed home.

But enough whining, such is life. Or at least, such is MY life. ;o)

UPDATE--The phone is found! My dad took his cell phone and my girls and they called it repeatedly until Isabella heard it ringing. Hooray! So, um, maybe it wasn't such a terrible day afterall . . .*sheepish grin*

Today's Plans

The morning is lovely and crisp with fog settling over the corn fields. We are home today, hooray! This week has been crazy with going, going, going, and I am desperately craving a day at home. We could be at a field trip with our homeschool group, but we are opting out today. So what are the plans? Well . . .

This morning:
Some cleaning
Some packing
Some shooing the children outdoors to enjoy the weather

~A picnic lunch at a nearby lake and some exploring~

This afternoon:
Boys napping
School with the girls--learning about stars and the sun today, more stuff on Indians

And tonight a movie and popcorn night

This should be just what we need to regroup.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Moving again . . .

Two weeks from now I will once again be setting up home in a new place. Oh, what a crazy year this has been. Not even a year has passed since the last move! But crazy as it is, moving is also exciting for me. I enjoy going through things and attempting to whittle down our possessions. Moving is always a good impetus to cut the clutter--something that continually accumulates on a daily basis. But even more fun than all of the throwing away I'll be doing is the chance to decorate a new place. I love the opportunity to create another warm and welcoming place for my family. There is something delightful about boxing up your treasures, "unwrapping" them in a new home, and then searching for just the spot to display it. My mind is aburst with new ideas (armed of course with inspiration from the latest Pottery Barn . . .). And also full of new resolutions . . . I am going to implement a routine (and actually do said routine), things are going to be cleaner . . . I am motivated and inspired. Of course there is much I am not looking forward to, but overall a fresh start, a new place to wipe the slate clean and start again, is always welcome, and always exciting.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Some Apple Inspiration

Now that September is here my thoughts have turned quite "fallish". One of my favorite things about autumn is seasonal baking, and first on the list of tasty fall things to savor is apples. We're hoping to get down to Nebraska City for some apple picking sometime this month. Last year was very disappointing--no apples due to a very late freeze--but I'm thinking this should be a good year. So, what am I hoping to enjoy that is lovely and "appley"? Well . . .

"Real" apple cider (you know the stuff that is dark and thick and refrigerated)
Apple Cider Donuts
Carmel Apples
Apple Crisp--still warm with a dollop of whipped cream
Chunky Apple Cake with Warm Butter Sauce
Apple Pie Pancakes

And if I'm really feeling ambitious perhaps a completely from scratch homemade apple pie. Nothing quite says "welcome home" and "you're special to me" like homemade goodies and the scents of warm cinnamon and apples filling your home. Savor the season!