Monday, March 30, 2015

March 15-21

 A quick little picture of my birthday boy on his first official day of eight-ness.
 A rear end view of my favorite fluffy chicken.  ;o)
 Celebrating 10 months of August!
And for the record, he has really reached an impossible-to-photograph stage--every single picture shows motion of some sort. What he is doing now:
He cut his "fang" teeth instead of his middle top two, and I call him a baby vampire.
He can stand alone for little bits of time.
He has taken a few little steps here and there. (a little too cautious to commit to walking full time, and besides he can crawl super fast) ;o)
Waves bye-bye!
Says "Uh-oh."
Added the da-da-da, which we assume means Daddy. 
He loves cats.  Particularly getting fistfuls of fur. The cats . . . not-so-much.
 And another 17th picture--kiddos in green. We didn't do much fun stuff this year, but did enjoy the yearly corned beef for supper.
 And then a not-so-fun Wednesday. On Tuesday evening I noticed Owen's face was swollen on the left side.  The next morning it was more-so.  He looked like he had mumps!  There was a hard swollen spot up by his ear and his whole jaw was tender.  Since we were going to Lincoln I got him a morning appointment, and got August one too, just because he had been dealing with some cold symptoms and I wanted to peak into his ears.  Owen got diagnosed with some sort of lymph node infection and sadly, August had an ear infection.  Both boys went on antibiotics.  Then we still had to do violin and cello lessons, girls' choir . . .  We didn't stick around for Awana though, so we got home a bit earlier, but still a long day.  I snapped a picture of my little chipmunk-cheeked Owen.  Poor sweet guy.  It took a good three days for the tenderness to go away.
 See that white-faced mama cow?  She just had a calf.  We missed the birth but got to see her clean the baby up.  We love all the farm life happening around us!
Marissa and August out on the swing set "loving" on the kitties.

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