Sunday, October 19, 2014


Once upon a time a baby girl entered my life and I absolutely adored her.
She was this tiny little sunbeam, always smiling and happy.
And talking (she talked a lot!!).
The years have slipped by, one by one by one.
Today she is thirteen.
Parenting her this far has been my utter joy and privilege.
She is still a sunbeam.
Happy, Helpful. Diligent. Determined. Whistling-while-she-works.
And I know I am her mom and all, but I find her pretty amazing.

Marissa Grace, my heart is kind of bursting today as I think about the little girl you once were and the young lady you are now.  You have been by my side these last 13 years and I have gotten to pour as much as I can into your thirsty little head.  I love the conversations I have with you. I love your heart for Jesus.  I love the evidence I see that you are THINKING. I love your unabashed desire to walk different from the crowd. I pray that you keep growing in these ways. Not only are you fun to have around for a daughter but I find you fun to have around for a friend! I praise God that He entrusted us with you to raise--you are a blessing!! I hope this 13th birthday is so special for you . . . you have always been and always will be MY most favorite birthday present ever.
My sweet girl SHINE ON!


Mom said...

Happy birthday to our sweet, first grandchild!! Love what you wrote about true! Love all the photos, especially with the books. I don't know that I can call her "Little Rissy" anymore.

Kathryn said...

Oh so very sweet!! Love this tribute to your girl and the pictures to go along--my favorites are her laughing in the sunshine and the books! Happy birthday, Marissa! (and happy birthday to you, too, Janna! I'm thinking someone needs to hijack this blog and write a bday tribute to what a wonderful person *you* are!!)