Monday, September 15, 2014

September 7-13

 What August thinks of big sister Marissa.
 A pumpkin in a predicament. ;o)

 What Josh declared the most awesome peach pie ever.  I used this recipe (I did not however poach my peaches, but just peeled them all) and the crust was so delightfully flaky . . . I am horrible at "food photography" but this pie still a bit warm . . . it was delightful. ;o)
We have sooooo many apples!  I am hoping to make some homemade applesauce . . . I am not really looking forward to the peeling process.  And then I looked at attachments for my mixer, to avoid peeling (and realized that I could buy jars and jars of applesauce for that price).  So . . . we'll see if any applesauce making happens.  I might just go buy a whole bunch of peelers and set the kids to work. ;o)

 One year ago this day was my shocking positively pregnant test.
So very, very much has changed in our family over the last year.
But August?
He was the best surprise ever.
 Another Thursday picture for you because I forgot a Friday one.
Our cat Sebastian likes to disappear for long lengths of time doing--I can only assume--things that tomcats like to do. *ahem* But he came back this day and the kids were so excited and they knew their daddy would be excited (Josh loves this cat!).  They waited in the driveway holding Sebastian, and when Josh got home they ambushed him.  Everybody loved him up real good in hopes of deterring him from leaving on an "adventure" again.
I am gearing up for some apple cider donut making.  My recipe calls for boiled cider, and so I have always boiled cider down a bit (maybe for half an hour?) but still find the flavor lacking.  I noticed King Arthur Flour sells a jar of boiled cider (for like $11 plus $6 shipping)--I'm sure it is wonderful, but I can't justify that price. So I googled how to make my own.  This is what happens when you let a half gallon of apple cider simmer on your stove for a few hours.  You get this thick syrup of intense appley goodness (although, as you can see, not very much of it!!).  I am hoping it will do the trick!

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Kathryn said...

Another great post. I just love these!!! And I'm glad you're on this side of that shocking test :)