Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September 21-27

 Remembering just how much I love this time of year.
Kitty mommy.
The litter of six that joined us in August has been not looking so good--mattery eyes, worn out, etc.  Our neighbor (who we rent this house from) is what Josh would call a "grown-up Bella" and as she had recently nursed some kittens back to health I told Bella to ask her for some advice.  Not only did she tell her what to do but gave her a whole bucket of supplies to use!  I cannot tell you how much Isabella enjoyed bottle feeding kittens.  And they are all back to their spunky little selves now.
 Ushering in fall with apple cider donuts for snack! I finally got myself a donut "cookie cutter" which is quite handy.  These two little guys were my willing assistants.
Just a hint of color touching the tops of trees!
(And also, more importantly, my newest little niece arrived shortly after noon~Aubri Elynor~those pictures however, are still on my phone . . .).
 Glanced out the window to find this scene on the front step.
It was homecoming week.  And after Josh showed up to school in a variety of costumes I believe he won over the hearts of the students and they voted him the "Faculty King."  He got a cool hat and got to ride in the parade. ;o)
And Saturday . . . you would think, with Jackson's first "cello party" (a sort of informal recital) and visiting my parents I would have gotten my camera out for a picture at some point, but I did not.  Most times my arms are full of baby . . . But Jackson did a great job playing in front of people for the first time!

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Kathryn said...

I'm just melting over the picture of Bella and the kitty! A tender heart is a beautiful thing