Sunday, December 22, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday Owen!

For four years you have been my baby, loved, snuggled, and generally doted upon.
But over and over you set out to prove you are not a baby, and maybe finally I realize it.
You are four!
I remember when I turned four and the four Disney story books I got for my birthday.  If I can have a memory that dates back to being four then I have to accept that four is getting up there (I know, I know, something you have been trying to tell me for months now). It's one away from five.  Two away from six (as you like to show me on your little fingers that aren't quite as chubby as they used to be).

 You have this sparkly little bouncy ball of a personality.
So. full. of. energy.
I have never witnessed such determination in one so small.
If you think it, you will do it.
I know you get that from your daddy--you and him?  Cut from the same cloth you are.
You bring such joy and hilarity to our lives.
And while we thought you were the perfect finale to our family, God had other plans. In the next few months you will get to take on a new role--big brother!
Owen we are so thankful for you.
We pray you grow up to be a man who loves Jesus with all his heart.
Happy 4th birthday to my littlest man.


Mom said...

Love reading "all about Owen"!! He will be a terrific big brother. Hugs and kisses to him.

Kathryn said...

Happiest of happies, Owen! FOUR is so great! My favorite picture is the scissors with the tongue at work, too. :) And *that dimple* in the last picture. OH my!

Anna said...

Happy birthday to your little man! Sweet pictures--sweet kid. Hope it was a good one! :)