Friday, May 11, 2012

Nature Pics

After a ten day stay in Lincoln I'm officially back home and attending to my mess of pictures from the last week and a half.  Tonight you get all the ones lacking people. ;o)
This windmill and barn set-up is on the way to my parents' home.  Every time I pass this spot I tell myself I need to take a picture and this time I finally pulled over.  I'd love to get it with a full sunset behind it.
My mother-in-law's roses are especially pretty right now and I liked this picture because of its "backside" view. ;o)
Cute little butterfly (a sulphur I think?) on Salvia.
My "baby" Endless Summer hydrangeas.  I discovered you can start hydrangeas from cuttings (read here) and seeing as it is my goal to some day own a house edged in blue hydrangeas I thought I would get a head start (with hopes of transplanting in the future).  I'll let you know how this venture turns out.  I have a dozen in the event I kill a few . . .
Another lovely rose.
And a bucket of peonies awaiting arranging.  Isabella commented on how peonies would be the perfect wedding flower with their enormous ruffly blooms--I couldn't agree more!


Anna said...

Oh I *LOVE* peonies too! These are all so pretty...hope the hydrangeas take off for you...and that windmill shot is gorgeous! Love your comp. ;)

sarah j. said...

peonies would be a perfect wedding flower. :) such a pretty picture!