Saturday, May 19, 2012

May 13-19

A happy Mother's Day with my sweeties!
A Daddy/daughter date night to the movie theatre.  Titanic was showing . . . and before anybody wonders what we were thinking allowing our daughters at a PG-13 movie we did discuss this at length, and determined they would be able to handle the language and then there was a perfectly timed bathroom break for another scene . . . *wink* 
The cement arrives!! Free entertainment!!
What three boys left to themselves come up with.  This was "level one." "Level two" involved my bookcase against the wall with the slide bridging over to the couch--I quickly put a stop to the progression of anymore levels.
Cute little lettuce plants announcing their arrival--I'm always in awe when seeds actually come up!
Grandpa and Grandma's pool is open for business!  And I can't stop giggling at one of its overly accessorized first customers. ;o)
Marissa and her stick-on friend.  I wonder at what point frogs and toads will cease to delight her?  For now, I cherish this girl and her fun-loving spirit.


Anna said...

Ha! Great shot of the toad, and I especially got tickled over the boys' slide stunts. :) Looks like another fun week...cute Mother's Day shot with your beautiful bunch.

Kari M. said...

I can only imagine if I had three Luke Michael's around we would have slide "levels" and other wonderful ideas everyday! Thankfully the Lord give us each what we can handle (-= Your girls are to see them hanging on their daddy!