Monday, May 28, 2012

Hello Monday!

(The unofficial summer kick-off version)
Hello patriotic outfit I acquired at Wal-mart . . . shirt and shoes for right around $7 total!
(Wal-mart tanks are my go-to "mom uniform" for the summer--they're great for around the house, fabulous running attire, and only $3.88 a pop--what's not to love?) ;o)
Hello summer-fy-ing (a word, yes?) the hutch! 
I was looking for some patriotic colors to pull in and remembered these items I had tucked away:
 A hatbox (that hold all of our wedding cards) and a framed wedding invitation that were shower gifts from the very sweet Natalie Becker.  Seeing as we have a June anniversary it seemed fitting to work those into the summer decor.
Hello boys' room makeover! 
 There was a lot of painting going on last week, the dresser went navy, the walls from brick red to gray.  There was also some major organizing that happened, striving for "a place for everything and everything in its place."  So far so good, the boys are inspired and keeping it tidy (which is nothing short of miraculous!). ;o)
Hello jar of simple syrup in my fridge!
Definitely a summer-time necessity--tonight we used it for some Sweet Peach Tea.  Yummy!
Hello summer plans!
I've still got a bit of space left just in case some more inspiration strikes.  We have lots of "tour Nebraska" plans.  Living out here we're closer to a myriad of fun historical sites.  Technically fourth grade should have been Marissa's Nebraska history year, and that is kind of the plan over the summer--to do a lot of hands-on Nebraska history. 
And hello little paper pennant banner because everything is more fun with a banner! ;o)

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Anna said...

Ah! Love these shots of summer...especially your cute banner and your list. I was totally on the same page with the list idea--have a similar one on our fridge. Happy summer! *LOVE* the boys' colors..can't wait to see the makeover! :)