Tuesday, May 22, 2012

At the Pond

Unbeknownst to us, my parents had been putting together a little surprise.  On one of my dad's farms is a really cool pond.  It's way back from the road and private, surrounded by lots of trees.
He moved on an old camper, set up a picnic table and grill, and then purchased a paddle boat.
And voila!!!
Our own private camping and picnicking spot!
The kids were absolutely delighted!
They toured the pond and its little islands . . .
went fishing . . .
and caught a whole bunch!!!
(This picture is "classic Papa Roy"--assisting the fish in telling the kids a story, I'm certain a "fish tale" of some sort.) ;o)
Owen's first catch!
I got out on the paddle boat too.  It just so happens my dad added a small boat motor to the back (of course!) so if you feel like a leg work-out you can get one, or you can just kick back and cruise the pond at your leisure.  He thinks of everything, no? ;o)
Emmett's wiggly catch--love the cute face expression from the fishie splashing so much water in his face.
In an hour or two we had probably caught 15-20 bass!  That's my kind of fishing--pretty much every time you threw out the line you had a bite.  We threw them all back but kept a few smaller ones in a bucket.  As we were preparing to throw those back too Emmett got a hold of one of them, and took off running, the fish laying across his outstretched hands.  Josh called to him, "Emmett where are you going with him?"  And Emmett yelled back in stern voice, "I'm taking him home with me!!"
He was quite distraught when Daddy caught up to him and relieved him of his new pet.  That boy and his creatures!!!
We're looking forward to much more summer fun down there--I believe the Mahoney State Park paddle boats have seen the last of us . . . ;o)

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Anna said...

oh how FUN is that!! What a gorgeous piece of property...will be worth it to have all those adorable grandchildren at Papa's camp! :)

...and LOVE the runaway with his new pet fish, how sweet. :)