Sunday, June 12, 2011

Weekend Projects

If you recall, I originally had decided to sew some quilts for my girls this summer and give their room a spiffing up.  And then I noticed a friend's room redo on (hi Amy, if you're out there!).  Long story short, the quilt she used had all the colors I wanted, plus it was only $30--and to be honest I really don't know if I could have sewn them that cheap when it was all said and done.  I convinced my hubby back in May that we were in need of an Omaha zoo trip, and while there could we pretty-please swing by Marshall's and see if they carried the same quilt?  And when finding only one twin size could we extra pretty-please drive to the other Marshall's on the way other side of Omaha to see if they had one too?? (thankfully they did) Isn't he just the best? ;o)
So, quilts/pillow covers--check.
Everything is tucked away up in their closet for now, waiting for the new room in the home we have yet to find. ;o)  In the meantime, I've begun a few little projects to go with the quilts.  Isabella requested lots of pillows to decorate her bed with and that was what I worked on this weekend.  They each are getting two blue 12x12 pillows edged with yellow pom-pom fringe (channeling my inner-Swede), and another 12x12 (or smaller and more rectangular, I haven't decided) in a pale green edged in a dark pink ric-rac . After adoring all the pennant banners I saw here (just keep scrolling down), I thought the girls would enjoy having something so cheerful and happy in their own room.  I cut out 20 triangles (and ironed on interfacing to each to help with fraying) and plan to string them all together with some pink pom-pom fringe.  A few snaps of the progress--
I'm debating adding yo-yos to the pillows--I may add them to the banner instead.  OR I have plans for some embroidery hoop art (framing the different fabrics, like this), so maybe I'll add the yo-yos there OR I might hot glue them to these large initials I have for each of their names. (OR all of the above!). Just thinking "out loud" here . . . ;o)We're hoping that whether we rent or buy we'll be able to paint their room a shade of blue similar to the pillow.  I'm really having a lot of fun with this, and the girls are looking forward to all the color--it definitely gives us something to be excited about in the upcoming move.  ;o)


Mom said...

Love the decorating you are doing for the girls! Can't wait to see it in the new place (praying for all that!). Auntie Karen will love it that you are going "Swedish" --well, I guess I should too! :-)

Anna said...

GORGEOUS! Love this inspiring colorful (and frugal!) re-do. Lovely, lovely. Can't wait to see the end result in your new home! :)