Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summer Marches On

One of these days I WILL get back to blogging more regularly.  This summer has kept me busy. And then as I glance around at the general disarray my home seems to perpetually be in I keep wondering just what exactly I'm doing . . .  I think the answer lies in being out and about more.  The girls have completed their third week of swimming lessons--we did first session, and then because everything was clicking so well, decided to do one more.  While the girls have their lesson at the "Y" closest to us the boys and I walk over to the park.  Once there Jackson spends most of his time on the merry-go-round.  Emmett joins him or requests pushes on the swing.  Owen checks out pretty much every bit of equipment.  He has proved himself capable of climbing EVERYTHING.  And as an added perk enjoys running down hills at full speed--legs flying while squealing gleefully.  My laid-back baby has become a thrill-seeking toddler.  Don't let this pensive face fool you--
He's not afraid of the pool either.  He'll even get in on his own . . .
And see this slide?
Yesterday, while one girl ran to get Daddy, the other climbed up to keep the little 18 month old from heading down it.  Yeah.  Be still my racing heart.
Among other news, look who is actually going down the slide!! It's Jackson--he had another break-through!  He discovered he can go down the slide and with his own form of "swimming" get himself safely to the shallow.  He was thrilled. 
Oh the joy of a private pool and breaking all "slide rules." ;o)
And just so you don't think he's all craziness . . .
He melts my heart.
Most of the time. ;o)

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Anna said...

*WOW* ..on that photo with the flower. A-mazing! :) Your little fishies are quite the adventurous bunch. And I'm so glad to hear someone else's house is in disarray for the same 'out-and-about' reason. ;) Fun pics.