Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Summer "Bucket" List

I kept seeing all these awesome summer lists floating around on blogs--some on chalkboards, some on poster boards, some via activity jars--I loved them all!
So, seeing as I have a chalkboard, I went that route--a wee bit of summer accountability to make sure all those pipe dreams up in my head actually happen.  I got some "chalk markers" for the occasion with my 50% off coupon at Michaels (which, as much as I love the markers I would never pay $12 for a box of four!).  The primary colors were perfect for summer.  It is possible I may need the earth tones for fall.  And the fluorescents for next spring . . . They are TONS more fun to write with then regular chalk.  ;o)
As we accomplish each activity we will cross it off.
(yes, still some space at the bottom in case I think of anything else OR in case we do something I didn't write down, then I can fill it in and cross it off--you all do that too, right??) ;o)
And today we did our first activity, something I'm hoping will be more common-place in our lives:
(yeah, another idea I stole from someplace else)
I received inspiration for this project from the blog Deep Space Sparkle--there are all sorts of cool art projects ideas there, some free, some you have to pay for the lesson plans.  These were free.
I had the kids follow my step-by-step instructions on how to draw a parrot (except Emmett). Then we "sharpied" over our pencil lines and painted.  Jackson did "lose it" at the beginning and crumple up a piece of my (not-so-cheap) special watercolor paper before I could stop him.  He always struggles with something new . . . I think that is why once he figures out how to draw something I get 57 of the same drawing before he moves onto new subject matter. ;o)  But the kids were pretty proud of their pictures when all said and done.  I love all the color!!


Mom said...

What artists they all are becoming!! Emmett's makes me smile....nice use of color!!! What a great activity.

Anna said...

The watercolors are BEAUTIFUL--and I LOVE the pretty chalkboard bucket list, what a fun idea, I might have to do something similar...wishing you a happy summer filled with fun memories! :)

Kathryn said...

I expect to see 52 more parrots coming from Jackson! ;) These are so cute and inspired me this afternoon so stay tuned on my blog.

I love your idea for listing summer activities! What a fun way to document the everyday happenings.

Kris said...

Wonderful, Janna! I know my "logical children" would love a list like that to cross off. Thanks for sharing the inspiration!