Friday, June 3, 2011

Linky Love

I'm heading off to camp tomorrow (with Marissa) and won't return for awhile.  I thought I'd share some links I've enjoyed in the last week or two, just to keep you all in reading material. *wink*

#1--I recently read this article on marriage, and I was reminded that the author also happened to write this book: 
It's probably one of my favorites written on the topic of marriage and I highly recommend it.

#2--Love what A Holy Experience has to say about homeschooling.  She summed up better than I ever could what makes it so wonderful and why anyone would choose that road to travel.

#3--Stumbled across this blog just today and was struck by the LIFE that is beaming out of these pictures.  Don't you just want to live there??

#4--I thought this letter writing kit was a great idea (especially with a move coming up--now accepting applications for pen-pals!).  I have found that when I have the supplies organized and accessible in a kid-friendly way they get used so much more. 

Have a wonderful weekend!!


Mom said...

I thought I might do some letter writing with the girls so they can practice their cursive. How does that sound? ( I qualify as a pen-pal even though I am slightly older than they?) :-)

Anna said...

ALWAYS love your linky picks~ inspiring. :) Praying that camp is a spiritually fruitful time--and hope things go okay at home too for Josh!

..and LOVE the pen-pal idea, I loved doing that as a kid. :)

Kathryn said...

I had read that article from Ann Voskamp about homeschooling and thought the same thing as you: she said in words what has been hard for me to verbalize at times! Great link to bookmark for future reference!

I went to look at the site with all the pictures of her home and feel a deep desire to redecorate in red, yellow and turquoise. :) So fun!

Hope you're having a good weekend at camp and not getting to baked in this heat!!