Saturday, June 25, 2011

Family Funnies

Overheard from the backseat of the car, says Marissa, "I am despondent."

Says Emmett, coming from his room after being tucked in, "My tummy doesn't feel good."
Says me, "I think your tummy needs lots of good rest in your bed."
Says Emmett, "I think my tummy needs ice cream."

Says Isabella, also coming from her room after being tucked in, "Marissa is bragging that she is a better swimmer than me."
We call for Marissa.  Says Daddy, "We don't brag in our family."
Says Marissa, "I wasn't!"
Says Daddy, "Did you say you were a better swimmer than Isabella?"
Cue tears, Marissa wails, "I wasn't bragging! I was just stating a fact."
At which point Josh and I broke into raucous laughter and Marissa ran from the room sobbing because she thought we were laughing at her.  We weren't.  At least not technically.

The kids singing a little made up ditty to go with their made up game "Buffaloes."  It went like this--
"We're the buffaloes we wear no clothes, 'cause that's just what we do!
We like to sing 'cause that's our thing and you can do it too!!!"

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Anna said...

LOL at the streaking singing buffaloes! :) And ice cream for an upset tummy sounds good to me...these are cute bits, you'll be glad you kept track of these sweet moments. :)