Friday, June 10, 2011

Camp&weaning&house hunting--Oh My!!

We're back from camp.
It was a good time--good weather for the outside activities, a behaved bunch of girls (for the most part--when you get 10 girls in a cabin for an extended period of time a few issues are bound to arise), AWESOME food (and really, what a treat to not have to be responsible for a single meal!), and really good teaching.  I had fun getting to spend a few days with my oldest.
Her bed--the fine print says "Beware I will climb trees."  And she did.
Marissa and cousin Lexi are decked out for the talent show--a little dance number to "Surfin' USA."
My sissy and I in our matching outfits.  Doesn't she have the tiniest and cutest little tummy??
While I was away, Josh held down the fort and dealt with a certain toddler whose nursing hobby was coming to a sudden halt.  I know *gasp* I was still nursing a 17 month old.  Obviously, it wasn't his main source of nutrition, but it WAS how he insisted liked to go to sleep.  I had spent the week before camp cutting out the naptime session, but left bedtime in place.  I figured I'd have a bit of discomfort at camp, but hoped it would be manageable.  Saturday I was fine.  Sunday I woke up looking like I had plastic surgery overnight--and oh the pain!!!  At one point Marissa gave me an impulsive hug and I screamed.  That night I committed the whole situation to prayer because I had no idea how I would make it through two more days.  I was so relieved to wake up the next morning with no pain--the shirts were still a tad too snug *ahem* but at least life was doable.  Owen is doing pretty good.  He still gets mad at me in the evening, which makes me feel pretty awful, but I think we will be successful.  Overall, it's been kind of bittersweet and emotional for me, the end of an era.  (And I have a feeling I'm going to miss that extra little calorie burn *sigh*). ;o) 
I must give a little shout-out to my hubby who manned the helm with remarkable finesse.  The house was totally clean and every last dish washed AND put away and all the laundry done!!  He even matched socks!!
What a guy!! ;o)
Yesterday we headed out to Arapahoe and Holdrege.  Josh got all of his textbooks for the upcoming school year and then we went house hunting.  We've been waffling between renting and buying and we really wanted to see for ourselves if we could find a rental before putting down more permanent roots.  Our search has still turned up no rental options.  We do have a few buying possibilities, but I would truly appreciate prayer as we try to get this squared away once and for all.
That's pretty much what we've been up to!  I'm kind of itching for a project right now and might be heading out for some fabric and pulling out the sewing machine for the weekend.  I'm not sure where summer went these last few days but it's definitely not good swimming weather. ;o)


Kathryn said...

I'm so glad you referred to Lynsi as *my* sissy and not *a* sissy b/c anyone who is brave enough to go to camp while pregnant should never be called *a* sissy. ha! And YES!!! She totally has an adorable belly!!

Praying with you for your housing situation to come together and for all the details involved in relocating!

Anna said...

*LOVE* the cousin pic, and you and your sis with her cute baby bump. ..well said the "end of an era" with nursing. I'll be praying for the house/rental hunt, wisdom and an obvious direction to take there...glad camp was fun and fruitful. (And I'm SO impressed with Josh's laundry & dishes skills--*WOW*!)

...and hope you can find time for that project! (It's not like you have anything else going on) ;)