Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend~A Review

Several meals involving hamburgers, hot dogs, blueberries, and lots of this--
(It's probably like the eighth time I've made it this spring!! I have a bit of a sweet tooth, so when I tell you I like this almost more than a brownie or a bowl of ice cream, that means I REALLY like it!). ;o)
Three graduation parties to attend!
Owen's feet show up at the table . . .
"Hi toesies!!"
I broke out a favorite dress, the one that reminds me of a picnic tablecloth . . .
All it needed  was some black plastic ants hot-glued on. ;o)
And did a bit of summer decorating . . .
Summer can go one of two ways I think--
1. Beach
 2. Americana
Seeing as we're rather land-locked, I go the Americana route.  I don't have tubs and tubs of summer stuff (like I do the fall or Christmas)--in fact this just about sums it up (I did stick a few more little flags here and there).  But it's still nice to acknowledge a new season.  And did you know that Hobby Lobby has started pulling out the fall stuff??  I'm so not there.  Maybe because our spring has felt like a fall . . .
We had planned to wrap up our weekend with a bonfire and s'mores out at Josh's parents.
They weren't really digging that idea . . . something about it being windy?? ;o)
Today Josh officially finishes up his long-term sub position with a teacher's work day.  He finds himself rather delighted to get paid to stick a few things back on shelves. ;o)
I did a little grocery shopping this morning.  Jackson is now my "fruit-picker-outer".  After noticing him picking through the blueberries for ones that wouldn't be sour, I let him have a go at the cantaloupes.
"Ohhhhh, this one smells good!" he proclaimed.
I promptly bought it and wouldn't you know, sweet as candy.  I've  been a bit hit-or-miss in this area.  Jackson has always been rather sensitive to smells.  I'm delighted to know I can put this quirk to good use.
And this just in--looks like I'm getting a little niece this October.  "Team Girl" pulls into the lead for the Hansmeyer cousins. ;o)
So, a good weekend, laid-back and lovely--a very wonderful way to officially kick-off our summer!


Mom said...

Girls rule! Boys drool! (Don't let your last 3 know I wrote that! :-) )

Anna said...

Oh I love these little tidbits! :) You looked cute in your dress Sunday, and how exciting that there'll be another girl! :) Sounds like a great summer week...and too funny about Jackson's sniffer. :)

Kathryn said...

So, how is Jackson at picking out watermelons?! He may be coming with me next time as I can't pick out a good one for the life of me. I stand them and thump on them as if I know what I'm doing but in the end it just comes down to "eenie-meenie-minie-moe."

I thought you looked so cute standing at the drums on Sunday! Your dress looked darling on you. Cutest picnic table I've ever seen. heehee

Go Team Girl! congrats, Linsey!