Thursday, May 5, 2011


My mother-in-law let me loose with some pruning shears last night and my littlest man and I (and our respective buckets) went out to clip a bouquet. 
It's amazing what a gathering of fresh flowers can inspire in me.  It just seems wrong to plop a fragrant bouquet down in a big ol' mess.  So this morning I dusted the dining room and vacuumed.  I cleaned off the kitchen counters.  I shined up my sink.
Cleaned up the table. Admired the slants of sunshine.
Sometimes it is the very smallest and simple of things that provides me with the best motivation.
It's wonderful how a bit of nature refreshes a soul. 
Have a beautiful day!


Anna said...

*sigh* They're beautiful! Love, love, LOVE lilacs!! Our neighbor has a bush right along our fence line, and I love to steal a sniff now and then...and way to go with the spiffing up, I should try the same trick around here. :)

Kathryn said...

I wish this was a scratch and snif post! LOVE the lilacs in their pretty white pitcher!