Friday, May 13, 2011

Lazy Days

We are slowly finding our way to some semblance of a summer routine.  I'm finally getting back to my early morning run . . . and really I love it . . . once I'm officially out doing it.  It's just that whole getting-out-of-bed-and-getting-dressed-to-the-shoes thing that makes me drag my feet.  Once that has been accomplished it's smooth sailing. ;o)
Josh's car has been kind of cantankerous lately which translates into him using the minivan every day.  It's not that big a deal for the most part--the kids and I can hoof it to Super Target in about 8 minutes.  And really, if you are going to be stranded, what better than to be near a Super Target? ;o)  We went there twice this week, once for some shredded coconut and a lemon and once because we were out of printer paper (aka our drawing paper).  Yesterday, feeling particularly ambitious, we walked to Barnes and Noble.  I really didn't know how long it would take us and we got there 20 minutes before they opened.  We ended up walking all around South Pointe and hunting for bird's nests.  Those birdies are particularly fond of building in all those big letters making up the stores' names.  The favorite? "AMERICAN EAGLE OUTFITTERS"  Every single "e" and "f" had a nest--one "e" had two nests, making it an apartment I believe? ;o)  All said and done we had a really enjoyable morning.  We probably ended up walking about 2.5 miles and as a result Emmett had himself a 4.5 hour nap that afternoon.  We will do it again soon . . . ;o)

Our afternoons are spent reading or playing in the only available patch of dirt: 
(Poor kids.  I'm hoping our move will bring about a better play area for them).
Overall, I find myself more relaxed and just enjoying our days instead of feeling like I'm constantly on a mission to check things off of the to-do list.  It's a great feeling.  Josh on the other hand . . .
I'm not sure I've ever seen him so tired.  He has one more week of actual teaching, and then finals week which should be easier.  He's also got an online anatomy class going on and a project due for a class that ended awhile ago.  It is not uncommon for him to leave the house at 5:30 in the morning and it's also not uncommon to find him working on things past midnight.  We are definitely counting the days until school is out for him.  He will have two summer classes, but hopefully the summer will provide him some time to get refreshed.
And HOPEFULLY this weather will officially decide which season it wants to take part in!  Can you say fickle?? ;o)

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Anna said...

Love this fun posting, and hearing about your vehicle-less adventures to the American "Birdy" Out.fitters and the store for the necessities--hooray for a summer schedule!

And congrats on the 5-yr-milestone. I am thankful for the Lord's amazing work in your life. *hugs to you*