Sunday, May 8, 2011

For my Mama

Dear Mom,
I have these little things I remember . . .
like recognizing the word "RED" after you highlighted it with a red crayon
homemade goodies in my lunchbox and snacks when we got out of school
watching you sew--Christmas dresses, Easter dresses, doll clothes
the clothesline you hung up for my doll clothes
planting the garden
you standing in the kitchen doorway watching me practice piano
attendance at cross country meets, band and choir concerts, piano recitals
your pride in all I did
your cheerful good mornings to my grumpy "umphs"
helping me get my crazy-long hair into a ponytail
making the coffee while I pulled an all-nighter to get a term paper done
(proofing in the wee hours of morning)
your hug and shared tears when my heart was broken
how you held it together when you moved me to my dorm--and I was oblivious to the significance I was the first one flying the coop

It went so fast, you know?
And you were there, doing those quiet things, the simple things--the most important things. The things a good mom does as she raises a child to independence.  You, standing in the shadows, while your kids' lives became center stage.
Thank you for that example.  Thank you for staying home to raise me. Thank you for a sister and two brothers to play with.  My childhood was golden.
 Thank you for giving me a love of learning.
Thank you for pointing me in the direction of a Savior.  Without Him, I'd have no life at all.
Thank you for every selfless sacrifice that you made.  I wish I had the eyes to see then.
I get it now.
Happy Mother's Day Mom!
Love you.


Mom said...

As I write through my tears, I am so humbled ...and blessed to have you and Lynsi, Jared, and Louie as the kiddos God gave me. Thank you for those precious thoughts of yours. And thank you for not sharing about all my short comings!! :-) Glad you have forgotten about those. Love you and praying for you.

Kathryn said...

I'm not your mom and I was *bawling*.....can only imagine how you must have felt, Judy!!! BEAUTIFUL TRIBUTE to your mom, Janna! Absolutely beautiful!!!

Anna said...

Dido the other comments, this makes me emotional! What a blessing for godly mothers who raise us with love and ultimately provide an example for us to follow. *hug* to your mom..she's a good one. :)