Sunday, May 15, 2011

Defining Self-Control

Self-Control . . . when you have this Amazon wish list full of good stuff and you have this Amazon gift card balance hovering at $270 and you don't buy the stuff on the wish list because you really want to get a new camera.  I keep thinking about all the little Amazon boxes I could be "surprising" myself with in the mail. Let's say I spent $25 a week (to get the Super Saver Shipping of course!)--I could keep myself in little brown boxes of books for nearly 11 weeks (if one was going to pace oneself).  That sounds quite lovely.

But I have resisted.

That camera better be worth it. ;o)

(And yep, that Amazon balance has been funded by Swagbucks!!!  If you still haven't signed up and want to I have a link down somewhere along the right side of my blog--little by little it REALLY does add up!)


Anna said...

Ooh I'm very impressed Janna! That camera will be so worth it. ;)

Kathryn said...

THE CAMERA WILL BE WORTH IT!!!!!! You will love having a DSLR! Hang in there. Your bucks are really adding up! I signed up a while ago but kind of forget to use it. I think I have a whopping 52 swagbucks. haha