Monday, May 23, 2011

Complete and Utter Randomness

After a week prone to "klutziness" I now have two large bruises located a few inches southwest on each knee and one 2nd toe (that I think I may have broken a few years back . . .) re-stubbed.  The bruises are doing much to off-set the lovely glare my legs are beaming out.  At least they are a matched set.
Last week's craigs.list find . . .
Blue canning jars.  Why?  Just 'cause they're pretty. And blue.
Surprised with roses from our Girls of Grace director at church . . .
Yesterday ended my three years of working with Marissa's class.  I was a bit teary.  May has been kind of bittersweet.  Usually, I look forward to the break of routine that the summer months bring about.  This year there are just a lot of endings . . . and a lot of unknowns.  Will we find an Awana program?  Will we come back and I get to serve in Girls of Grace again?  Only two more rotations at my nursery post, a handful of Sundays at the timpani . . . *sniffle*  This kind of thing is always so hard on me.
Owen's idea of getting ready for a trip to the library . . .
He completely accessorized all by himself. 
Upon arriving at the library he decided he was much too big for the stroller and had to walk.
He lingered over the funky grasses.  He pushed the handicap accessible button to let himself in.
Set himself up at a kid's computer.  Turned it off (and several others).
Got himself a basket, put a book in it, drug it around, left it.
Headed off to the far opposite end of the library, was hauled back kicking and screaming.
Wandered into the boys bathroom, lifted his shirt and stood next to the toilet thinking he was going.
Helped himself to a few paper towels.
I know I'm his mom and therefore kind of biased, but I think he's a bright little fellow.  (Insert all of your eye rolls . . .) ;o)  And while it is fun to have a bright little fellow who mimics, repeats, copies, and remembers everything we do, I'm also realizing knowledge is power.  Needless to say, Mr. #5 has become rather opinionated and strong-willed.  I think we may have begun those "terrible twos."  Bummer.
Library day is becoming known as *magic day* around these parts.  Hauling home bags (yes, plural) of books affords me several hours of complete and utter quiet from 3/5 sometimes 4/5 of the children.  In fact, if you don't believe me, you can ask my mom who stopped over around noon today and was kind of ignored by a few grandchildren.  (One of which was so excited with her new reads that she promptly started three of them and is rotating which one gets read). 
I made a blueberry and rhubarb pie tonight. 
*Bluebarb* the recipe calls it. (I was going to link it up, but apparently Taste of Home won't let me, so let me know if you want the recipe!)
It is awesome (if you like blueberries or rhubarb or both).
Don't forget a scoop of vanilla ice cream!!
The end.


Anna said...

Oh, I love hearing about Owen's cute things he's doing...and *WOW* am I looking forward to OUR library trips this summer!! :) The roses are lovely, and so deserved by the beautiful (inside & out) lady that you are...we will miss you, in orchestra and everywhere else!! *hugs* Deary, I'm glad you're hanging around for a little longer...

Keeslermom said...

We finally had to dump tote bags and get a crate with wheels for the library. Sure, it looks a bit strange, but it gets the 30 pounds of books to the car!

Kathryn said...

I love those blue jars. My mom once had a way to color your own Mason jars. I'll have to ask her about that and see how you do it. I'm feeling a bid sad at all your "lasts". I choose to live in denial and not think about it. ;) Your pie sounds so good! I *love* rhubarb things this time of year.