Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Very Awesome Dessert

Seeing as Easter is just around the corner and perhaps you need a new dessert to bring to the gathering, may I present to you--

Now originally the recipe appeared in Taste of Home as a cake.  The very first time I went to make it my dear hubby was bouncing a bouncy ball in my kitchen.  Would you believe that dumb ball bounced its way right into the center of my cooling sponge cake?  It's true.
So, enter the trifle bowl.
Not only does it look spectacular, but it covers a myriad of cooking fiascoes. ;o)  And honestly, the trifle version has been such a hit, I've never bothered to make it as a cake. 
A few changes to the recipe . . . I don't use 4 cups of fresh berries but two frozen bags of "mixed berries" (from Wal-mart).  I do this mainly for cost purposes, by the time you've bought a container of blackberries, a container of blueberries, a container of strawberries, and a container of raspberries you've got a small fortune invested in a dessert. ;o)  The frozen way is much more budget friendly.  I use the actual sponge cake recipe provided in the link.  I know my mother-in-law has made it with a favorite pound cake recipe with equally tasty results.  Do whichever you prefer.  If you needed to cut down on time you could probably buy an already-made pound cake.  This dessert IS a bit more labor intensive than others. 
But, it's worth it. Trust me. ;o)


Anna said...

Ooh, it looks beautiful...and I love your problem-solving with the trifle version (and the frozen berries, totally something I would do)...and LOL that it was JOSH and a bouncy ball, not one of the little boys. ;)

Kris said...

MMMMMMMMMM- sounds like a winner! I want to reach right into my screen and taste that lovely thing. ☺