Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Seeing Spots

While Josh and I have not officially begun the search for a new living arrangement, I have enjoyed perusing some Holdrege realty online.  I do have a few favorites and we'll see in the end what God will work out for us.  I discovered a new possibility posted last night.  As with all old houses there are things you love (like beautiful wood floors, awesome woodwork/built-ins)--you know *character*.  And there are things you don't (like hmmm, no showers just bathtubs).  And then there are things that give you pause . . .
Like polka-dot wallpaper in the kitchen.
Now I love polka-dots as much--if not more--than the next person.  But a polka-dotted kitchen . . . definitely different.  I'm not ruling this one out yet, but I'm thinking the wallpaper would have to go. ;o)


Anna said...

LOL, ya you might be a bit dizzy after removing THAT wallpaper for several hours. ;) Keep us updated! It'll be fun to see what you guys end up finding. :)

Kathryn said...

LOL, Anna.....I thought the *exact* same thing! I'm sure all those polka dots are bound to create some sort of spinning optical illusion! :)

And while I love to see your enthusiasm for finding a place in Holdrege, it makes me realize that I should probably quit living in a state of denial over the fact that you are leaving. ;(

Kris said...

The kitchen is pretty cute, in spite of the spots! House shopping sounds like fun to me- I'm dreading having to get ours ready to sell in a year or 2...would much rather be on the shopping end of the deal!