Thursday, April 14, 2011

~Right Now~

Loving . . .

"Mama!" from the littlest one and happy pats on my back
Crazy little boy curls
Piggy back rides to naptime
Freckles sprinkled across the bridge of a nose
Gap-toothed smiles
Thunder and lightening and a real spring storm
Doctoring scraped shins
All sitting on the couch in a line, biggest to smallest
The tender-loving-care a dandelion plant receives
My eldest still likes to hold my hand
Brushing long girl hair
Girls *needing* to check out the storm when they should have been in bed

All in a day's work--what a perfect job!


Kris said...

*sigh* :)

Anna said...

Oh I LOVE your list! Makes me smile...and btw, I am crazy about your little boy's curls too--he is SO adorable!

Kathryn said...

It's those "little" blessings that make it the BEST job!