Thursday, April 21, 2011

Reflective Ideas for Celebrating Easter

(Subtitled--Things I wish I would have done this year had I gotten myself organized in time, but I'm posting them here now in hopes I'll remember for next year)

So, there's Christmas.  And I always make a concentrated effort to do stuff with the kids . . . advent devotions, etc. to make sure we know what we're celebrating.  And then there's Easter.  Which really should be done up more than Christmas, I mean, THIS is why He came.  But somehow I always have good intentions to do something meaningful and somehow it never happens.

A few things I wish we had done . . .
"Hill of Calvary" 
A Resurrection Garden (I'm hoping to get one made by tomorrow, but I need to get the supplies still . . .)
Resurrection Rolls
Resurrection Eggs
A Spring Party (Marissa just asked me today what was with all the eggs and bunnies at Easter time, what did they have to do with Jesus and didn't the Anglo-Saxons come up with that?  Yep, she actually said "Anglo-Saxons."  I'll have to get back to her on that . . . thank goodness for Google) ;o)
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Similar to our devotions/Jesse Tree that we do at Christmas, a devotional with cut-outs to do in leading up to Jesus' death and resurrection--I had meant to do this one, and sadly time got away from me again. :o(

There you have it, my list of regrets.  I'm thinking I need to put together storage containers for each special occasion we celebrate, and then add to them through the year, that way I'm not always caught with nothing ready.  It DOES take extra effort to do all those things, but it is amazing how much better a lesson that is prepared with lots of visuals seeps into little hearts and minds than when we just throw a few facts their way. 
What about your homes--any ideas you have that have proven to be especially meaningful (and I can organize before the weekend)?? ;o)


Anna said...

Love these ideas, Janna!! I was having similar regrets this year...Karli had a neat Easter craft on her blog of a salt-dough tomb sealed with a little rock and a pipe cleaner Jesus figure rising on Easter Sunday. I also need to get organized for next year--that's a great idea organizing crafts seasonally so they're ready to go. Thanks for the inspiration!

Kris said...

We really enjoy the Ressurection Eggs, and Xan reminded me that we still don't have those out of our Easter box, so I need to grab them before time slips away!

All great ideas, Janna!

oh amanda {impress your kids} said...

Thanks for linking to Impress Your Kids! I love the idea of making a box for each holiday and keeping those ideas/props/supplies together!

I think I'm gonna do that!