Friday, April 8, 2011


It's been a quiet and unproductive week here--unless you count all the coughing (which has proved to be anything but quiet . . .).  I'm on the mend.  I got rid of a few pounds of "winter insulation" and with my stomach muscles so sore from coughing I'm quite certain a "six-pack" will be emerging any day now.  A lovely way to get ready for swimsuit season indeed. ;o)  Josh took care of things Tuesday and Wednesday, remaining home from school so I could quarantine myself in my room.  He stayed up until 2 a.m. early Wednesday morning doing every last bit of laundry and washing every single dish . . .  even when it put him behind in all the schoolwork he had to get done.  But I'm so thankful for his help--there's nothing worse than having to put a home back together when you still aren't feeling the best.  I've been able to ease back into things yesterday and today, mainly focusing on getting schoolwork done for the week.

Today is Josh's very last day of student teaching.  However, Monday will find him right back at East beginning a long-term subbing position for a science teacher who found out he was in need of some open-heart surgery.  At this point he has four weeks, which depending on everything the surgery entails could stretch into more.  Truthfully it's been one of those things that puts me in awe of God and how He orchestrates everything.  I had, in the beginning, been concerned about Josh's idea to take off work while he student taught, but he had crunched the numbers and said it would work as long as he ended up with 10 days of subbing during this semester.  And now he'll end up with at least double, giving us extra cash flow, which is perfect now that we'll be moving . . . God continues to provide, and watching how He does it thrills my heart over and over again.

I'm hoping the weekend will find me out and about.  I kind of forgot it's April, but looking out the windows I see the grass is greening, the leaves opening . . . So perhaps spring has finally decided to set up house? I've got lots to do along the lines of wardrobes and shoes and all that jazz.  And then there's Easter!  So *hopefully* our house has seen the end of any lingering winter illness.  We are definitely ready for some sunshine and good health! ;o)

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Anna said...

Congrats to Josh on finishing student teaching, and what an amazing provision for the sub-teaching. And I am SO glad you're feeling better, Deary! What an awful sickness, I'm hoping you're emerging with super-human immunity with no yuckies through the summer. ;) Let me know if you need help with anything, I'll be collecting a few boxes for you through the summer for your move..if you need them. And I do have a box of clothes for your little man--to fill up your house even more right before a big move. Keep feeling better! ;)