Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Tiny Vacation

We've skipped town. ;o)

We spent the day at the Omaha zoo.  (We splurged on a membership this year . . . which really, when all said and done, is an awesome deal).  Did you know you get free Imax tickets as part of the membership?  We actually paid for the membership in one visit!  Josh thought the Imax experience "awesome" while I found the movement aspect kind of nauseating. It's one of those lingering effects of surgery.  I closed my eyes a lot. ;o)

And part of the surprise of today?  Earlier this week, Josh pricelined a hotel on the sly! So, Owen and I are hanging out in the hotel room, the kids swimming with Daddy and I've got a couple of books and a magazine to lounge with.  And (obviously) some free wi-fi. ;o)  Life is good. (As long as I pretend the laundry and dishes I left hurriedly WON'T be waiting when we get back . . .) ;o) 


Anna said...

Oh, what a fun surprise! :) Glad you can get away a little...and I'm hoping the laundry/dish-cleaning fairy will make a visit at your home while you're gone. ;) Have fun!!

Kathryn said...

Enjoy your sweet little family! What a fun spring break treat! I sure wish I had a key to your place....I would love to play the part of the laundry/dish fairy! :)