Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sweetie Girls

I'm a bit behind with the happenings at home, like recording a certain rite of passage--
Pierced ears!!!
For the record, Isabella was the one pushing for it.  Marissa could have cared less.  But now it's done and over with and we should be able to change out for some cool earrings just in time for Easter.
Isabella lost her first top tooth, leaving a nice gap-toothed smile . . .
She has two more loose teeth up there.  Hopefully the others don't decide to jump ship anytime soon or I foresee some definite speech impediments in her future. ;o)
And my dose of humility for the day. 
Getting ready for all of our Wednesday night activities is always a busy time for me. I'm packing diaper bags, hunting down Cubbie vests (attaching patches last minute of course!), making sandwiches, packing violin stuff etc.  I've been known to bark out orders . . .
"Jackson, find your shoes!"
"Marissa, help Owen get his coat on!"
"Why are there three half-eaten apples on the kitchen floor?!"
*exasperated sigh*
"Isabella, get off the kitchen counter!"
And then I looked to see what she was doing.
Can you read that at the top? It's her Sparks book asking her to "Draw a picture of a person who is kind."
Do you see who she drew?
Yep, me.
Frazzled, barky Mommy, her kindness model.
And she even gave me super long skinny legs in stylish boots.
I could have cried right there.
Oh how I want that picture to be me--happy-smiley-kind Mommy with doting kids all around me (and the super long skinny legs in stylish boots couldn't hurt . . ). ;o)
How thankful I am to be drawn that way, when too often I fear I am not.
How thankful I am for my girls who give me reason to be a better role model--so they see this wife and mama job is something worth aspiring to.

How thankful I am for grace. 


Kathryn said...

Okay. That picture made me tear up!!!! So thankful for the Lord's well as the forgiveness that comes so freely from our kids!

Love the long legs and what appears to be a *tiny* Owen resting so nicely in a baby carrier. :)

Anna said...

Oh, this is sweet! They look adorable with the pierced ears and the gap-smile...and for the sargeant-mothering, I'm afraid I'm all too familiar--perhaps a pro. Amen to the thankful for grace comment...I still think you are an exceptional mother, if with those moments.

...praying that Owen's appt went well, and for a good decision there. Also with the job interviews, will pray that the Lord's will is crystal clear which route you are to take. *hugs*