Wednesday, March 16, 2011

March Madness

This is not a basketball commentary, but more a generalized title for life at the moment.  Oh March, you're killing me here!!!

It started off quietly enough.  A peek ahead at the calendar page confirmed the normal stuff, plus a few specials--a mommy/daughter tea at church, a birthday, a homeschool craft day . . . Busy and all, but doable.  And then came the yearly inspection last Wednesday.  Followed by Emmett's birthday party which we did this past Monday evening. Oh, and the interviews . . . Last week Josh was in Stromsburg.  Monday he drove out to Brady and Arapahoe, while I got ready for a party.  He returned with two job offers.  We're still waiting on Stromsburg.  But that is subject matter for another posting. ;o)  My sister and I are finalizing our preparations for craft day, last minute runs to stores, play-dough making, etc., etc.  And Josh has another interview in Gibbon on Friday afternoon--he wants us to make the trip with him and then we all go check out Arapahoe (3 hours from here).  My head is spinning.  I'm busy on the outside "doing"--and my thoughts are busy on the inside . . . praying, mulling over the possibility of a move . . . Next week is spring break for Josh.

 It is highly anticipated by me.  And by highly, I mean HIGHLY. Once March is over the very worst will be behind us.  I just have to wade through the madness a wee bit longer. I think I can, I think I can . . . ;o)


Mom said...

Praying for you!

Anna said...

Oh, you poor dear--I'm praying for you! I'm excited to hear about all these interviews that Josh has--he must be extremely 'hirable.' :)Will pray for a good and wise decision and closed/open doors where the Lord may lead...hang in there! March will be done soon. :)