Friday, March 4, 2011

Home Notes~

There isn't a whole lot of excitement to report from our home, just a lot of simple stuff . . .
--Six or seven (I can't remember) applications for jobs sent out
--More mapquesting ;o)
--Emmett surprising me with his dexterity in domino building (yep, that is his naked self strategically hidden behind the coffee table)
--An order for 6 yards of black/ivory ticking placed (at to make some curtain panels for the living room
--*Almost* deciding THIS is the summer I will sew some fitted slipcovers for my wingbacks and couch--out of painter's drop cloth (I still want to learn reupholstery but I may wait until my children stop ruining things . . .).  Anyone want to join my sweatshop crew?? ;o)
--Thinking my baby is starting to look not-quite-so-baby-ish
--My 5th load of laundry is in the washer (so far).  I think there are still another solid two loads awaiting me . . .
--Tidiness peaking out here and there (go me!!) ;o)
--Weekend plans of grocery shopping and carpet cleaning and maybe some armoire painting (it's been a slow project)
--Wondering what the "inspector dude's" thoughts will be on the massive fort that has Consumed (yes, with a capital C) the basement . . . and wondering if it could possibly be tidied before next Wednesday?
--Buttermilk Pound Cake cooling on the counter . . . Custard Sauce in the fridge--supper dessert is complete. Well, and Janna's afternoon snack. Yum. ;o)  But it could use some fresh blueberries or strawberries to top it off . . .

And so on.  Happy Friday! ;o)


Mom said...

Oh wow! Owen is a little man! Emmett is amazing!

And now, perhaps, will you be spending time at my house with some of your sewing projects??? Come on down!!!

Anna said...

Love these inspiring bits from your week at home..and that is quite the domino course! Hope the inspector shows up this time...and I'll keep praying for that job decision! Hope your weekend was just as productive. ;)

Kathryn said...

Another visit from Mr. Inspection Dude? Seems like that rolls around quickly!

Fun to see all that you've been up to and praying for you as you wait for the Lord's perfect timing in the job search. I was hired for my first teaching job 4 days before school started. While I certainly pray you don't have to wait that long and Josh doesn't have that kind of added stress, I share it so that you can be encouraged that the Lord *does* provide in *His* perfect way and time! :)