Sunday, March 27, 2011

~*~HaPpY dAnCe~*~

I have a little story.
For at least five years--maybe more--I have loved a certain table.  Originally it was made by Broyhill, their "Attic Heirlooms" collection.  Since the original "love at first sight", I have seen it "knocked off" by some other brands (usually for a cheaper price).
*Twice* I have seen a form of this table come up on Craigslist--both times with oak chairs instead of black (I wanted black).  Both times Josh considered my request but decided it wasn't a good time for a table purchase.
Today I wasn't even looking for a table.  And I have know idea why I even clicked on the listing because the price was $500 (I'm a $75 or less kind of a gal). ;o)
But click I did,and then I gasped, "It's *my* table!"
Josh decided to go for it.
And everything was working against us.  Somebody else was planning on looking at it.  Josh's parents' truck had a load on the back, Josh's brother's truck had a snowplow and wasn't starting . . . In fact when I left for church tonight with the kids they had just finally gotten the snowplow off of the truck (after nearly an hour of messing with it).  It wasn't looking too promising, but I was okay with that.
When I got home, the house was dark, and I was disappointed to realize Josh must not have been able to pull off the purchase.
But, sneaky Josh, he had made it look that way!
Surprise, my table!!!! 
Table and six chairs for $460 (lady said she spent around $1500 for it, which sounds about right).
At some point I hope to get two more chairs (Oak Express has matching ones) to bring the seating up to eight.  But for now I am over-the-moon delighted.  It's not in perfect condition, but it's perfect for my home where the table sees a lot of action. (of the eating, coloring, schooling variety OF COURSE) ;o)
Good things DO come to those who wait! ;o)


Anna said...

Oh, HOORAY!! Yay for you guys..and what a gorgeous set. How sweet of your hubby to even shut off the lights for a more dramatic surprise. Love all the tidbits on the difficulties and's extra sweet when the time is right. ;)

Kathryn said...

LOVE the table!!!! Holding out for the black chairs was *definitely* a good choice. :) So happy for your little story. I'm impressed with Josh and his abilities to set up such a sweet little surprise.....and I will be all the more impressed if *he* put the runner and flowers on the table!! ;)

Mom said...

Looks marvelous!! Can't wait to serve Swedish pancakes on it next Monday morning.