Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Happy 4th Emmett James!

I can't believe it's that time again--another year, another birthday for you!
When I think back over the last year I think you can be summed up quite neatly . . .
#1--You really LOVE animals, they bring you immense joy

#2--You have a sweet tenderness, you love to lean in for a hug and plant a smooch on our noses, cheeks or whatever is closest.
#3--You have a mischievous side too and love an opportunity to be silly
#4--You love your sweets . . . you are the resident snacker
#5--You love all things transportation and you like to see how things work
You also love tape measures, oatmeal for breakfast, and having your feet tickled.
You have managed to learn all your letters and letter sounds.
You kind of love spiders but you kind of hate them too.
You do like snakes.
You tell me things that make me laugh, like watching fish in fish tanks and turning to me with delight to inform me, "The fishie is talking to me!!"
Or waking up in the morning with a bright smile announcing, "I had a happy dream!"
You are such a sweet little guy, and our most favorite Emmett in the whole wide world.
Happy birthday little mister!
We love you so much!


Mom said...

Yes..he's a keeper!! Love the pictures of him with the animals, especially Tom Sawyer! And the one with him and Josh. Don't forget...he also loves flashlights!! I have wonderful memories of being with this little guy when he was born.

Anna said...

Happy birthday, little guy! What a sweet kid, I love these little tidbits on his uniqueness and who the Lord is shaping him to be. Happy 4th, Emmett! :)