Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Book Recommendation

I just finished a quick but great read and wanted to recommend it to other mamas of girls--

Seeing as my girls keep getting older (who told them they could do that??) I've been trying to get a handle on the next phase.  I love what this book has to say about continuing to encourage imaginative play, limiting screen-time and media influence, asking the kinds of questions that encourage critical thinking, modesty/proper body image. . . It definitely affirmed the parenting approach we have taken at our house--trying to let our girls be girls as long as possible and not caught up in all the drama out there. I'm perfectly okay with them having no idea who Justin Bieber is (I know, *gasp*). ;o) I loved the ideas presented for dealing with some of the more awkward topics as puberty approaches. (Like a "girlz thingsz" gift basket filled with appropriate items for when they become official women--all the things you need, plus some fun things too because it's a celebration!)  The author's point--opening up the lines of communication now builds a great foundation for more conversation down the road.  There's also a website (head here) that offers different resources--I've yet to poke around at that site, but it looks like more good stuff and should be helpful as I navigate new territory with my girlies.

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Anna said...

These are GREAT resources..I've heard of the 'Truth or Bare' thing but didn't know it came from that site--thanks for the tips! :) I'm all for keeping them little...I have to admit I'm a little afraid of the jr. high years. ;)