Thursday, March 31, 2011

Black and Ivory Ticking Curtains

Back at the beginning of March, before I knew we would be moving (funny how things change in so short a time!) I had determined to freshen up the living room a bit.  You'll recall I was painting my armoire white? (yeah, it's still not done . . .) And then I decided I was kind of sick of the valances.  I keep finding myself drawn to neutral spaces . . . blacks, whites, khakis . . . and all their variations. More "farmhouse/cottage" styled.  (I'm kind of schizophrenic when it comes to decorating). ;o)  Enter the ticking.
Here's a tiny peak, my favorite view as I walk past my piano--
And here's a bit more up close--
And here they are closed--
 It was my first attempt at an all-out drapery, I lined them and everything! And blind-stitched the hem by hand! Go me! ;o)  It was actually a fun little project and definitely the way to go if you want a nice long panel (something similar in Pottery Barn would have cost me over $100 a panel--I think I did both of these in less than $50, plus fabric left over for throw pillows or whatever)
And of course, they provide an excellence place for Owen to hide--
I've never had long drapes before.  Here's to hoping they work in whatever home we move to!


Kathryn said...

Love 'em! Great job! You'll just have to add "my cool curtains fit windows" to the criteria for house hunting.

Anna said...

Gorgeous, Janna! Love, love LOVE the ivory ticking idea for drapes, and they seem to match your style perfectly...lovely, lovely. And what a great hideout for your lil guy. ;)