Thursday, February 3, 2011

Some Simple V-Day Ideas

I came across the idea today to set up a "Valentine Making Station"--which sounded like a perfect creative outlet for my kids.  A quick trip to Hobby Lobby scored me a few V-Day items 40% off, I tossed in some construction paper (pre-folded in "card" shape), glue sticks, glitter, scotch tape, cookie cutters for tracing, and we were good to go.  I envisioned some quiet, reflective Valentine making over the next few weeks.
Within 20 minutes the scotch tape was gone . . .
(card by Jackson)
I don't know what it is with those boys, but they LOVE scotch tape.
And 25 minutes into it the supplies were beginning to dwindle.
A feeding frenzy of the Valentine variety.
In the midst of the process I thought, "I should go print off some Valentine pictures to add to the basket!"
I was gone maybe 5--tops 10--minutes.
I returned . . .
  Oh what a rookie mistake!!!
Who leaves five kids alone with a container of glitter??
All the glitter messes of Christmas combined could not equal this catastrophe. It's in all of our hair, coating  body parts, furniture, embedded in carpet.  Emmett literally shook the whole bottle over the downstairs area of our home.  I asked why I was not informed, but nobody really had a good answer. 
Anyway, here's some cool printables . . . free to you, but really bought at the expense of my sanity:
At least I can say my house S*P*A*R*K*L*E*S--a rare occurrence indeed. ;o)


Anna said...

Oh my goodness! That sounds like the mess of all messes, you'll be sparkling for a REALLY long time. ;) And LOL at the scotch tape! We need to budget separately for that, as we have a few addicts in our house too.

but what a fun idea! I'll have to remember that, sans glitter. ;)

Kathryn said...

Okay. Let me get this straight. You have 5 children and have yet to learn that glitter is a toxic substance and should *never* be allowed into your house? heehee I got rid of glitter approximate 8 years ago. ;)

Great idea and what fun for the kids.....even if it didn't induce the quiet Valentine making you had invisioned! The scotch tape (!!!!) card looks so familiar. What is it with little boys and tape?? I was very impressed with Jackson's letters!