Monday, February 14, 2011


Life remains busy. (strange, I know!)
I'm thankful Josh is not working his regular job because it kind of FEELS like he still is.  With interviewing, parent/teacher conferences, and just general lesson prep stuff he remains quite busy.  I can't imagine if he tried to do a job and student teach at the same time.  It would have been impossible.  On a positive note he is doing an AWESOME job.  He had his third evaluation today . . . and repeatedly he has been told that he is the best student teacher she has ever seen.  And on another positive note, he loves teaching (which is a good thing to realize after going back to school for two years to do it!). ;o)

The sibling squabbles between my eldest three have been a bit wearing as of late.  I'm hoping these last few days of spring-like weather will help stock up their "sunshine banks" and provide a bit more cheerfulness, love, and graciousness all around.  If only it were THAT simple . . . We're plugging along dutifully at the moment but it seems we have sprung a "joy leak." I guess what can I expect, it being FEBRUARY and all. ;o)

Owen continues to entertain and amaze us.  I think Marissa will go down in our record books as the most talkative of our little people, but Owen will be remembered for his understanding/mimicry of his family.  I'm continually amazed at what he understands like: putting dishes away in the correct spots in my cupboard, bringing me a diaper when he was poopy, following commands like "Let's put your shoes on." and he sits down and sticks out his feet, or I say "Let's go!" and he climbs in the car seat.  Oh is he ever fun--and he gives the best snuggles (and kisses too!).
~reading like Marissa~
~scrubbing the floor~
(I start 'em young!!) ;o)
~first time playing outside with the kids~
(He LOVED it, running all over the place, and so distraught when I brought him back in!)

Sadly, we have no Valentine plans.  I DID sprinkle some V-Day sprinkles on their pancakes this morning, we had chili for lunch (it's red and all) and I've got a gooey chocolate dessert tonight for supper, but otherwise we're keeping it pretty simple.  And I'm feeling kind of guilty because Jackson has been hugely disappointed.  Devastated really.  He told me "Valentine's Heart Day is my favorite day!" He wanted to know when the party guests were arriving and what kind of V-Day gift he would be getting . . .
*ummmmmm*  So, yeah, I've lost a few points in his eyes. ;o)  I just wasn't on top of things this year.

But this weather, yesterday, today--truly lovely--and a bit motivating to get rid of the rest of the winter decor, start some "sprucing and spiffing" and get ready to welcome spring.  Who would have thought cleaning would sound so refreshing?  And if I could do it in a house quiet and free of sibling bickering? Now, THAT would be pure bliss. ;o)  Have a lovely day!!


Anna said...

Oh, I COMPLETELY hear your on the squabbling problem! Yowzas, our bunch has been nightmarishly mean to each to each other too...the cleaning and spiffing does sound refreshing, I'm even more motivated now to tackle those old spider webs & scum collections. Love the pics! And love the little bits on Owen, what a sweet lil guy. Hang in there! Not much longer till you're free & clear. . .I'm praying for you guys!! :)

Kathryn said...

Hello! We are living parallel lives.....complete with sprinkles and squabbles! :)

Enjoyed reading all your updates and will remember to be praying for you and all that you have "on your plate" right now!!